KettleTap Home and Office

The Hot Spot in the Kitchen.

The Hot Spot in the Kitchen! Filtered boiling and cold water on tap.

Ditch the kettle and save time, money and energy.

You won’t look back!

The new Intrix KettleTap is perfect for:

  • Making cups of tea, coffee, hot chocolate
  • Making instant pasta, soups and porridge snacks
  • Filling large saucepans with boiling filtered water for cooking
  • Soaking stubborn roast tins and baking trays

Choose the 1.3kw Intrix KettleTap Home or the Intrix KettleTap Pro 2kw, for light commercial use in offices, boardrooms, hospitality and customer facing areas.

The new Intrix KettleTap serves filtered boiling and cold water with a smooth flow:

  • Robust non-corrosive 2.6l titanium tank
  • Polished chrome finish
  • WRAS Approved (KettleTap Pro * – KettleTap Home WRAS pending)
  • Smart technology and safety features
  • Eco energy save mode on mains bills up to 80%
  • Standard 2 year warranty extendable to 5
  • Control temperature to 98 degrees C
  • Add a 15l undersink chiller for chilled & filtered ice cold water
WRAS Approved
KettleTap Brochure

 Click here for the pdf brochure.

Environmentally friendly & sustainable

A tank with advanced titanium elements means non-corrosive and a very long life span. Plus the tank is fully recyclable.

We are all aware of the plastic pollution that is invading our shores and oceans, especially with one million single use plastic bottles bought every minute arouond the globe.

Encourage your family and staff in the workplace to Refill and Refresh and fill their own sports bottles with filtered, chilled water.

Make hot drinks in your ‘on the go’ cup to save buying takeaway cups from the café.

Self fill is becoming so popular as we all look for sustainable ways to protect our planet and wildlife, and get rid of pointless plastic.


Boiling water is instant, so convenient and very hot so the tap must be safe to use, especially in the home envionment with children and the elderly. That’s why the hot tap lever requires to be depressed before engaging the hot water flow.


Heat what you use and always have a tank of hot water at the ready, whether its for a cup, the tea round of a pan for cooking. It’s quick to top up the water after use and bring it back to 98 degrees C in seconds! Why wait.

Serving filtered, purified boiling and cold water as you need it, from the one tap. With an undersink chiller you also get ice cold, chilled water that is so refreshing.

“When hydration matters and time is precious, the KettleTap is a welcome team mate in the kitchen. Why wait for a kettle to boil? I am impressed! A top performer.”

Endorsed by Sam Murray

Team GB Olympic Medalist and World Champion Modern Pentathlete