Boiling Water Taps

Boost staff productivity and minimise downtime in the workplace, ditch the kettle and turn to a hot tap for instant boiling, filtered water – at the touch of a button! KettleTaps can also offer ambient, chilled and sparkling water options so now one tap does it all – the king of hot and cold delivering filtered, chilled drinking water and steaming hot water from the same tap. An instant boiling tap offers you a solution for all your team’s hydration needs.

As the latest kitchen must-have in domestic and commercial kitchens, this handy water boiler saves you time, mains water, energy, money and space. With inbuilt safety mechanisms, there is no need to wait and re-boil water time after time with an instant boiling office tap. Ditch the kettle and save energy and time making the tea round. KettleTaps give you instant filtered, boiling and chilled water for making tea, coffee, porridge pots and hot snacks.

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