Wellbeing at work is about ensuring that we do all we can to stay safe, healthy and happy in the workplace and this is particularly true in today’s world of Coronavirus.

We are reminded to check with the NHS and PHE websites about virus symptoms and prevention, but we all know that good hydration is linked to better health and wellbeing in general.

The workplace is somewhere that is often connected with some form of stress and this has heightened in the last week or so with the threats posed from the global pandemic. It is also known that stress decreases our immunity so it’s vital we all stay as calm as possible. Staying healthy and alert in the workplace is key for maintaining both morale amongst teams and achieving healthy productivity levels.

If you think you are still a bit exposed in tackling the issues of proper hydration across the workforce and the provision of fresh, pristine drinking water to refill reusable bottles and save buying single-use plastic.

Hydration equals good health. It is vital that your team has easy access to fresh drinking water; chilled preferably as this helps you drink more. By ignoring thirst pangs, we risk nausea, headaches, overall lethargy and even kidney damage in the long run. Throughout the day, it has shown that dehydration does lead to a sharp drop in both mood and productivity.

water-cooler-clean-drinking-water Keep your cooler clean for great tasting drinking water

Install a plumbed in white water cooler in the breakout area and around the busier parts of the workplace and there will soon be a noticeable improvement in all areas of the business. Whether it’s desktop or floor stranding, a water cooler or fountain serves up fresh, pure-tasting, filtered water helping achieve the ‘8 glasses a day’ guidelines.

If you prefer sparkling for a bit of fizz pop, this type of water hydrates just as well as still. There are a number of models that provide still, chilled, filtered and sparkling at the touch of a button.

Instant boiling & cold water taps

It’s not just cold water that can help quench your thirst and keep you hydrated! If your office or workplace invests in a multi-function instant boiling KettleTap you can get water, as you want it. Boiling water instantly at the touch of the button and chilled and filtered. Instant hot taps will help speed up the tea round and improve overall productivity and wellbeing. These convenient taps are on hand to make fast work of the tea and coffee round, herbal teas, hot choc, instant porridge, delicious soups, noodles and pasta snacks.

Refill not landfill

7.7 billion single-use plastic drinks bottles are bought in the UK every year and contribute to the plastic pollution issue that our planet faces. A staggering 57% are not recycled and end up in landfill, the environment, our wildlife and the beaches and oceans. So help turn off the plastic tap and refill a reusable bottle, such as Chilly’s and SHO, that keep hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold water chilled for 24!

Whether you opt for water coolers, refill fountains or instant KettleTaps, hydration is vital for health and wellbeing and positivity. Something we all need a bit of right now. Stay safe.







17.07.19 Gloucester
Boiling tap put to good use 'at home' in Gloucester