KettleTaps Are Taking Over In The Kitchen  

Transforming the Habits of a Generation

The British tradition of putting the kettle on is slowly becoming a habit of the past, replaced instead by the impressive kitchen gadget that is taking hold of both the commercial and residential appliance market! On trend, this advanced technology transforms the kitchen into a place of ultimate ease and convenience, instant steaming hot taps, or KettleTaps as we have branded them, are the latest innovation to hold court with office fit-out firms, facilities managers, project developers, caterers and home owners. This desirable appliance follows other lifestyle-altering products, such as the dishwasher and food processor, that have changed the habits of generations, improving efficiency by automating tasks and chores, saving time and energy, to make life that little bit easier and faster every day.

Instant Hot Water On Demand

Our need for everything instant has inspired this advanced technology, bringing the KettleTap and instant drinking water boilers into the commercial workplace and catering sites delivering speed and convenience for both boiling hot and chilled and filtered water on demand. It is evident that hot taps are increasingly featured in office refurbs and new builds, complementing a contemporary, sleek design scheme. In the home such sleek all-in-one taps are the talking point and deliver water exactly as you want it.

A survey conducted by discovered that the average time taken to boil a litre of water in a kettle is 2 minutes, 34 seconds. As a cup of tea is such a predominant part of the British institution, it’s reasonable to estimate that the average Brit will regularly spend in excess of ten to fifteen minutes per day waiting for the kettle to boil! Taking back these minutes often makes a much bigger difference to the day than anticipated, vastly improving efficiency within the home.

Energy and the Environment

KettleTap technology contributes to workplace credentials in more than just sheer convenience and design. Hot taps offer strong environmental values, which is an increasingly important consideration for designers and developers for eco consumers. Every drop of water is dispensed at a controlled temperature, minimising the water wastage associated with running water from a standard tap to reach the right temperature. Many models also incorporate programmable times and automatic sleep modes, so even the power consumption is environmentally responsible, with utility bills savings. That's why we have the KettleTap brand to save tine, energy and money!

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) recently studied 86,000 dwellings, discovering that three quarters of households in Britain overfill kettles. This actually wastes a total of £68million per year. They found that 95% of people boil the kettle every day, with 40% boiling it five times or more each day. They recommend that, by reducing the amount of water we use, we can cut down on the energy requirements in our everyday lifestyles and suggest that many people do not consider the environmental and energy cost attached to water consumption.

One Tap Does It All

All-in-one KettleTaps also impress us with their unrivalled ability to dispense everyday hot and cold, as well as boiling (ie steaming hot) for hot drinks; chilled, filtered and even sparkling water!  Wow! Think how buying less bottled water reduces the substantial road miles and plastic consumption associated with the controversial bottled water industry. Our taste buds demand the highest quality; great tasting purified water to quench thirst hence why filtered water is the norm these days. Delivering this with hot tap technology enables filtration of pollutant particles smaller than up to one five-thousandth of a millimeter. The systems are so effective that the results are visually evident in the crystal clarity of the water, in addition to the odour and taste.

Hot taps are heralded as the secret component in making the perfect cup of tea and coffee. With the temperature set at 98 degrees centigrade to avoid burning or charring coffee beans, and perfect for brewing tea leaves, the pure water allows flavours to remain untainted by chlorine and distasteful chemicals.

The Heart of Every Kitchen

Safety is at the forefront of all designs, another reason why KettleTaps are favoured in the workplace, providing essential peace of mind and eliminating the risk of danger and injury from knocked and spilt kettles. Hot taps include various safety measures, devices and child locks to enforce a protective, safe environment for all kitchen dwellers.

Arguably the busiest area in the kitchen, the sink is a focal design point and should be a key aspect for consideration. Hot taps are no longer just a necessity, but have become an opportunity to make an aspirational statement, symbolising the efficiency of the building. Our KettleTap site features leading brands and tap choice to meet any budget and location and some hot deals!

The contemporary KettleTap presents a talking point as well as a drinking point for the team and the family!