InSinkEerator Hot Taps Save You Time, Money and Energy

For those who want hot water instantly without waiting even a second, InSinkErator has a selection of hot water taps designed to meet your needs. InSinkErator hot taps come in several different varieties that can be customised to meet the needs of your kitchen. Regardless of design, they are specially designed to produce hot water the moment they get turned on, making life very easy for anybody who needs hot water for cooking or cleaning.

Hot Water Taps

The basic taps in this line-up provide hot water specifically, instantly heating any water you might need to 98 degrees Celsius. The tap comes in a brushed stainless steel look, which fits most kitchen designs. These hot water taps produce filtered water that reduces impurities such as chlorine, lead, and other chemicals. They also reduce unpleasant tastes and strange odours caused by these impurities. The taps are sleek and modern in design, and they can be installed with ease in any sink. They can also be activated with a single touch, meaning that you can produce hot water in the blink of an eye. Overall, this is a great way to get safe, easy, and fast hot water.

Hot and Cold Water Taps

If you like the idea of
InSinkErator hot water taps
but want enough versatility to get both hot and cold water out of the same tap, then there are products for you. These water taps have levers that can be adjusted to fit virtually any temperature, giving you anything from a crisp, cool glass of water to a piping hot cup that can be just shy of boiling. The taps come in brushed steel and chrome, both with a unique single handle design. The taps are designed to produce consistent amounts of water day in and day out. Over the course of an hour, they can produce approximately 100 cups of hot water per hour without any change in temperature.

Replacement Filters

All InSinkErator taps use a simple filter that helps to reduce levels of chlorine and other soluble impurities found in tap water. This filter is attached to your water supply so the impurities can be removed as water flows from your pipes to the sink. Ideally, you should replace the filter every six months or so. Water Boilers Direct has a stock of
replacement filters
available so you can purchase them as you need them or in bulk to build up a stockpile. Considering that you will only need two filters to get through an entire calendar year, the cost is very reasonable. If you drink water often or have a need for instant hot water, the cost works out to be less than bottled water or most other filtration systems.

All InSinkErator taps are easy to install and have a locking mechanism on the lever that keeps the temperature at the level you want it to be. If you are sick of waiting for your water to heat up and want a pure, fresh drinking experience, you should look into the possibilities offered by these taps.