Access to instant boiling drinking water is the way forward in the kitchen or canteen, at home and in the work place. The trend to ditch the old fashioned kettle is on the rise. (Please remember to dispose of electricals safely and responsibly!)

Making a round of hot drinks in the office takes valuable staff time, uses more water through constantly refilling and water wasting, and uses more energy. Reports quote that the average kettle is reboiled three times and often refilled with freshly drawn water at the same time! It’s no wonder in this modern day of time savings, automation and energy renewables that KettleTaps ® (as we call them) are the latest kitchen must have!

But if you are not wanting to install a multi-functional tap delivering boiling, cold, chilled and even sparkling all in one, then a handy countertop 10 litre boiler may suit your budget, kitchen space and staff needs for the tea round.

Enter the new KettleTap® ProBoil. Check our our cheeky new VT here; will only take you a minute!

A stylish, smart and safe countertop boiler that will give you instant boiling water, on tap, for all your drinking water needs. The most efficient way to hydrate your work force, and make fast work of the tea round. Increase productivity and save energy as well. An energy efficient water boiler that plumbs directly into the mains supply and gives excellent value for money; plus it’s easy to descale and service.

The KettleTap ProBoil is ideal for your regular cuppa, coffee, cafetieres, herbal teas, porridge pots and pasta snacks at break time.

KettleTap ProBoil takes up a small space in the kitchen, but has a big 10 litre capacity. Its price and performance is perfect for all office breakout areas, cafes, health centres, community kitchens and canteens – the opportunities are endless!

We are building the KettleTap range and working with customers to meet their drinking requirements while saving time, money and energy criteria. The name behind the hydration brands.

Why wait for a kettle to boil? Exactly, our thoughts too!