Hot Drinking Water
Making sure you drink enough water every day is key to a happy and healthy life, but did you know that there are added benefits to drinking hot water? These can include improvements in your health, better weight loss, the prevention of premature ageing, and much more.  Take a read through the benefits below to see why you should start increasing the amount of hot water you drink on a daily basis.

Digestion and Weight Loss

Think about the food you eat on a regular basis. Now think about what's inside that food. Even healthy food typically has oils in them that harden when you take a drink of cold water. However by drinking a glass of hot water, the oils remain in their natural form and pass through your digestive system more quickly. This means more regular bowel movements and less chance of cramps or dehydration. One of the other benefits from drinking hot water comes in the field of weight loss – an extra glass of hot water in the morning and evening helps maintain a healthy metabolism, which in turn helps you stay at a healthy weight. There has been a lot of hype in the media recently around the “
Hot Water Diet
”, you can find out more here.

Respiratory and Circulatory Benefits

By ensuring you drink a few glasses of hot water each day you can boost your respiratory and circulatory systems. The heat that comes

from hot water can dissolve phlegm within the throat and help loosen up breathing, eliminating some of the most irritating symptoms of colds and the flu. It also helps to break down fat deposits that build up in areas of your circulatory and nervous systems, improving the overall health of those important networks. Hot water can even help you if you have cramps, either due to overly strenuous activity or menstruation. The heat relaxes the muscles, which in turn reduces the pain of the cramps. At the same time, water helps hydrate you, which keeps the cramps from recurring.

Elimination of Ageing Signs

Hot water warms up your body, which causes you to release toxins that would otherwise remain stored inside you. These toxins normally have effects such as more wrinkles on the skin, acne and pimples on the face, more brittle hair, and dandruff. One of the biggest hot water benefits is the fact that these problems are all either reduced or completely eliminated. It doesn't even take a lot of hot water to make sure that you reap these benefits – simply adding one or two cups per day will reduce the signs of ageing and give you healthier skin and hair for a long time to come.

A little hot water goes a long way. If you are considering increasing the amount of hot water you drink on a daily basis to reap some of the benefits it brings, you may wish to invest in an
instant hot water tap
. These genius devices have been dubbed the latest kitchen must , not only giving you instant boiling water at the touch of a button they also reduce the amount of energy you use in the home when compared to the traditional kettle!