Treat yourself to a steaming hot tap this Christmas.

It gives you instant boiling water on tap, without waiting for the kettle to boil and re-boil. Make fast work of making coffee and tea for all your family and friends when they visit this holiday. And just as useful for the tea round for work colleagues in the office.

Great, too, for filling pans to bring to the boil fast to cook the Christmas dinner veggies and even better for soaking those nasty meat trays and pots to speed up the clean up!

Ditch the kettle.Why wait for a traditional kettle to boil?

A true wonder in the kitchen and you wont look back as a kettletap (and we have many brands at competitive prices; go online) saves you time, money and energy.

Finally, we wish you a Happy Christmas and healthy New Year.

ps - If you don't get one under your tree; don't dispair! We sell kettletaps all year round ;-)