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  1. Winter Wellbeing

    Our bodies are put to the test during winter, many symptoms of asthma and arthiritis have a much bigger impact on people's lifes during winter. Studies also show that heart attacks and strokes are more common during the winter. To help you stay safe and feel well during the colder months of the year we put together a handy infographic...
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  2. Health Benefits of Herbal Teas

    A hot tea or coffee is a daily essential for a lot of the UK population but not many people realise that brews made from herbs, fruits or roots have numerous health benefits. We preapred an infographic outlining the health benefits of many popular herbal teas. If you want to make preparing teas or coffees easier at home or in...
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  3. Can chocolate be good for you?

    The national chocolate week is upon us! This event has been taking place for 11 consecutive years and it's main aim is to promote and encourage companies working with fair trade suppliers who receive a fair price for their products. But can chocolate be good for you? Take a look at our latest infographic to find out.
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  4. Clean Cooler. Healthy Drinking Water.

    It’s easy to look after a water cooler - they are very reliable and low maintenance and with occasional TLC will continue to provide you with fine tasting, pristine drinking water for many years. However, as with any appliance, there are things you can and should do to ensure the performance of your cooler. Always keep it clean: it’s a...
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  5. Feeling Fruity? Tips to Health & Hydration. Guest Post by Naomi Mead

    Make water taste better naturally. In partnership with Infruition, our guest blogger, nutritionist Naomi Mead has created a guide on this very topic for fans of the fruit infusing water bottle. Enter our competition to win a fruit bottle.  We all know that we should be drinking more water. It’s up there with eating more vegetables, and doing more exercise...
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  6. Drinking Warm Water is Good for You and This is Why

    Warm water not only heals our bodies but also reduces the metabolic waste as well as boosting our digestive powers. Here we look at a number of reasons why warm water is sweeping the nation as far as healthy digestion and hydration are concerned. Painkiller Nobody enjoys pain but many of us would rather not take tablets to deal with...
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  7. The Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

    Drinking warm water is great for our bodies! As well as tasting good, drinking a hot water based beverage can have many health benefits!  
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  8. A Happy Workforce is a Hydrated Workforce

    So the weather has decided to treat us to some much needed sunshine and those temperatures are finally rising in line with the rest of Europe, but what happens if you are still working and those holidays are just a little too far away? You see, worker dehydration is a big issue all year around but in summer it can...
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  9. Holiday Hydration

    If you are travelling abroad this year, you will need to take certain measures to ensure that you stay hydrated and enjoy your trip, staying happy, healthy and hydrated! 
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  10. Water Coolers Direct at FM Show 2015

    Water Coolers Direct at FM Show 2015 It's time! We are here at the FM 2015 show, showcasing a selection of the most innovative hydration solutions on the market! We encourage all facilities managers and pretty much anybody who is interested in hydration to come on over for a terrific day out with plenty of exciting things to do and...
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