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  1. Facilities Management Show 2015

    We are exhibiting at this year's FM show at London ExCel between 16th - 18th June!  Pop in to see us on stand T1275! 
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  2. Water Coolers Direct on Show at Facilities Management 2015

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  3. Hot Hydration in Hot Weather

    On a scorching day or after an hour or so of strenuous activity, nothing seems to quench your thirst better than a generous helping of chilled fresh water. That feeling when the cold liquid pours down your throat and hydrates the rest of your body is second to none, but did you know that you may be missing something here...
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  4. Keep Your Children Hydrated This Summer

    As the temperatures soar into the 30s this week, we can finally begin to enjoy the British Summertime. If you are planning on heading outside to embrace the sun, it is important to take extra care of your health; not only must you take precautions to protect your skin but you should also ensure that you and your family stay...
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  5. Technology To Help You Hydrate

    Technology is progressing every day and we now have some really helpful tools that can help us stay hydrated. Take a look at our new infographic below to find out more about the technology available and some find fun ways to keep you hydrated during the summer. 
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  6. Scale Management

    Over time lime scale builds up inside of your water boiler which drastically reduces it's performance and can cause it to be less energy efficient. Regular maintance is the key to fighting lime scale build up in your water boiler! Take a look at our infographic below in order to make sure your water boiler is in top condition at...
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  7. Instant Boiling Drinking Water: Boilers & Kettletaps

    You don't need to wait for the kettle to boil! The productivity at your workplace can be easily increased by installing a hot tap or an instant water boiler. Take a look at our latest infographic to read up on the facts around instant boiling water.
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  8. Wellbeing at Work: Hot Snacks

    With us spending more time in work than ever before we do everything at our desks. If you want to be as productive as possible, healthy snacking is definitely the way forward. Not only will you get rid of the mid-day hunger but you'll also be full of energy. Take a look at our latest infographic looking at the benefits...
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  9. Time for Tea

    If you ever visited our blog before you're probably very aware that we love a cuppa! Britain's favourite hot beverage is brewed over 3 million times per day around the world. Our latest infographics shows some facts you might have not heard before. Take a look below and remember that you brew can be much quicker with one of our...
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  10. Modern Day Office Solutions

    Here at we're on a quest to revolutionise the kitchens with the latest kettle taps ! Instant boiling water is becoming a standard in an increasing number of homes and offices across the country. In our latest infographic we compared the classic kettle with our popular Aquatap. Take a look below to see just how good the Aquatap really...
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