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  1. Winter Well Being Tips!

    Winter Well Being Tips!
    With the cold weather setting in and Christmas just around the corner it's important you stay hydrated properly during the winter months! That's why we've put together some handy Winter Wellbeing Tips to help you!            
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  2. Keeping Hydrated this Winter

    Just because temperatures in the winter are somewhat colder does not mean you still do not need to drink plenty of water. Keeping well hydrated is important in any season, as water provides life-sustaining health benefits, no matter what the temperature is outside. Winter Hydration During the summer, you need to continuously be drinking water whenever you are performing physical...
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  3. Hot Taps for the Home and Business

    When you want hot water to make a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate, you usually have to wait a long time for the water to boil. Even electric kettles can take a few minutes to heat up the water. Many home owners are now changing to the latest kitchen must have, hot taps to avoid this. Hot taps...
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  4. Hot Hydration Solutions for Businesses from Water Boilers Direct

    Solutions for Limited Space The Marco Countertop Ecoboiler For establishments where room is limited and there is no room for waste, such as smaller offices, The  Marco Countertop Ecoboiler  is ideal. This compact product is available in 5 litre or 10 litre capacities allowing you to select a product that caters directly for your needs, whether it be boiling water...
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  5. Water Boilers for Kitchens

    Maintaining a busy kitchen is not always an easy task. With so many things to do at once, caterers often appreciate some help. For many of them, this comes in the form of a ZIP water heater or a Heatrae Sadia Aqua Tap. Fast, efficient and high quality, the water boilers available on Water Boilers Direct are there to facilitate...
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  6. Marco Boiler Range

    Check out our range of water boilers from Marco!
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  7. Things Are Hotting Up with Marco Boilers!

    Marco is a leading maker of water boilers that allow you to dispense boiling water at the touch of a button. Choosing the right boiler for your home or office can be easy, because there is one that is suited to just about any application you can think of. Countertop Boilers One of the most versatile Marco water boilers are...
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  8. Facts About Hot Water

    Did you know that hot  water  freezes quicker than cold water? See below for some more interesting facts about hot water!  Have any cool facts of your own? We would love to hear them!
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  9. How a Filter Can Improve Your Hot Tap

    A good filter is the first line of defence against the build-up of bacteria and minerals that inevitably affects an instant hot water tap. Even if you clean your tap regularly, time will take its toll and eventually cause you to need a replacement. By choosing the right filter for your water situation, you can prolong the life of your...
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  10. 10 Benefits to Drinking Warm Lemon Water Every Morning!

    Warm lemon water is an essential part of many cleansing routines; however, you don’t have to be doing a detox in order to enjoy it. Lemon and warm water benefits the body in a number of ways, a few of which are listed below: 1. Balances the Body’s pH This tonic helps to provide an alkaline pH to your body...
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