Staying healthy and alert in the workplace is key for maintaining morale amongst employees and achieving healthy productivity levels. Simply put if you are happy in your work, you will be more likely to turn up every day. But you will also be motivated to do a good job and every employer loves the idea of a contented workforce. So how do we help ensure that we come into work with the best attitude possible? It’s not rocket science, but it is also surprising to learn that so many offices and other establishments are still falling short in tackling the issues of proper hydration. Here is why it is so vital to top up on water throughout the day no matter how busy you happen to be!

Hydration equals good health. It is vital that your team has easy access to fresh drinking water. By ignoring thirst pangs, we risk nausea, headaches, overall lethargy and even kidney damage in the long run. Irritable workers are not happy workers and by encouraging your colleagues to drink more water throughout the day, it has shown that better hydration does lead to a rise in both morale and productivity.

A hydrated workforce is a happier workforce.