Keep your team and workplace colleagues happy and keep your hot beverage machines working and in tip top condition. Equipment failures at coffee and tea time can be catastrophic for all concerned! We have been making movies and here’s why!

Limescale build up can have a devastating effect on the heating elements in drinking water boilers and instant kettletaps, reducing equipment lifespan by a staggering 40%. Scale build up on the element results in reduced energy transfer to the water, leading to higher energy bills, increased maintenance costs for descaling, a shorter life span for the product, and potential downtime in the canteen or staff room through equipment break downs.

So a very much unwanted and unnecessary expense and distraction for any business, impacting on capital investment, productivity and morale. The good news is this can be avoided with proper filtration for scale and regular servicing, for peace of mind if nothing else!

3M scale management filters are designed to minimise the risk of equipment failure and reduce overall running costs by preventing the build-up of scale. Designed for different capacities depending upon water hardness, filters should be replaced regularly according to usage, to keep your drinking water kettle taps and boilers in optimum working condition.

Scale management filters help to ensure trouble-free operation while delivering all the benefits of great tasting, clean and purified water. We partner with 3M, a global science-based innovation company, to deliver the most advanced scale management technology for our range of hot hydration solutions.

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