As the second national lockdown starts, our thoughts turn to wellbeing and staying healthy by keeping our immune system functioning at its best to help fight winter germs and viruses.

Here are 6 ways to build up your immunity naturally.

  1. Drink plenty of fluids; water is best.
  2. Exercise regularly.
  3. Stress less, as stress drains your ability to stay strong.
  4. Get a good night's sleep as sleep is a regenerative process for your body.
  5. Eat foods with probiotics.
  6. Eat a well-balanced diet.

Did you know that 70% of your immune system is based in the gut, so boosting your immune health through good nutrition, proper rest, and hydration are important to help fight off infections.

How to eat healthier?

Vitamin and minerals — particularly A, C and E, as well as zinc — play an important role in keeping the immune system strong so that it can fight off any germs and illness. Consider your plate of food and make sure each meal contains a balanced mix of vegetables and lean meats or fish, combined with dairy and healthy fats, and this should deliver what you need to help keep your immune system strong.

The bacteria that are present in our gut benefit far beyond just the gut itself, playing a role in our immune system and even our mental health. Prebiotic and probiotic in our diets help support healthy gut flora, and this is why it’s important to eat foods such as fruits, vegetables, kefir products, and yogurts.

Why water is best in winter?

Your body needs fluids and electrolytes to function at its best, especially when you are suffering symptoms like fever, coughing, diarrhea, and sickness, which can easily dehydrate you. Proper rehydration helps with illness recovery and beating the winter bugs. Rehydration drinks and sachets with electrolytes are readily available in the supermarket or pharmacy and good to take relieve symptoms associated with illness-related mild to moderate dehydration to replace those lost fluids.

Fizzy drinks and those with a lot of sugar like sports drinks are not such good choices for sorting dehydration symptoms resulting from illness because of their higher sugar content which can make stomach issues worse plus, sugar is bad for you for other reasons.

filling porridge pot

Choose to refill

To take the best care of yourself and our planet, don’t miss meals or forget to refill your reusable bottle or glass and save buying single-use plastic and putting more waste into landfill. Chilled and filtered water from a plumbed in water cooler or fountain helps you keep on top of your daily fluid intake.

Good nutrition, hydration, rest, and exercise will all help to boost your immunity and help to keep you healthy this lockdown./