How to stay hydrated in the holidays

Perhaps this festive holiday more than ever we will be having a social drink at home in these tough unprecedented times and doing what the government is asking of us to minimise infection spread and risk.

Having a home tipple is probably well deserved by many of us.

By following some established hydration routines before, during and after, you can keep the blues to a bearable level, please read on and enjoy our few tips about too much tipple!

Why does dehydration hurt?

Waking up to a pounding headache and experiencing a dry mouth must surely rank up there with the worst ways to greet a new day, yet we put ourselves through this punishment time and time again.

Alcohol is a known diuretic and as such it will remove fluids from your body according to the amount that you ingest. But were you aware that some of the pain that we feel the day after is actually due to alcohol withdrawal symptoms? If you’d rather not have another hangover, the message is fairly straightforward – do not drink too much! Sadly, many of us are not that strong-willed, so perhaps cut down the alcohol intake and stay on top of the daily-recommended water requirements.

glass ice water with lemon

Healthy hydration

As well as keeping in line with the health guidelines regarding your alcohol intake, 3-4 units per day for men and 2-3 for women, you can also keep your head pain free by drinking plenty of fresh water.

Men need around 3 litres and women 2.2, but you could also top up with a large glass of water before you hit the sack and have some ready just in case you wake up in the night.

Chilled and filtered water from a water cooler or multifunction boiling tap, that delivers chilled, sparkling as well as boiling, certainly quenches one’s thirst and tastes great!

Hydration versus hangover

Here are a few more tips that could help you keep those horrible hangovers well and truly at bay.

  • Never drink on an empty stomach
  • Drink plenty of water before you consume alcohol
  • Have some water available and perhaps alternate a glass of water with an alcoholic drink
  • Try to drink wine from a smaller glass
  • Never drink alcohol when you are feeling thirsty

Reduce and reuse

If your location and premises allow then go for plumbed in hydration points in the office to refill reusable bottles and save buying pointless single-use water and high sugar drinks in bottles. Good for you and for the environment reducing waste and landfill.

More and more offices are installing refill drinking water stations for this very reason to cut plastic pollution. Water coolers are great in offices and corporate environments. Fountains and dispensers are perfect for high footfall public areas serving chilled and filtered water that is pristine.

Instant hot water taps

It’s not just cold water that can help quench your thirst and keep you hydrated! With a boiling hot tap, such as our KettleTap, you can serve boiling water instantly at the touch of the button. Instant hot taps will help speed up the tea round and improve overall productivity and wellbeing in the workplace. Out hot tap site carries all the leading brands from Quooker for the home to Zip, InSinkErator, Aquatap, Billi, Hotspot Titanium, Marco Friia and more.

bottled water in aluminium

Refill not landfill

The other bad thing to come from bottled drinks is the global plastic pollution issue that our planet faces. These drinks come in single-use plastic bottles where a staggering 57% are not recycled and end up in landfill, the ocean and in the stomachs of our sea life.

Treat your team with a branded bottle to reuse and refill; great way to increase company awareness and branding. The popular colourful metal flasks, such as Chilly’s and SHO, keep hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold water chilled for 24! Great for work, home and our on-the-go lifestyle.

So, enjoy the holiday season and all life is throwing at us at you at work and at home. By drinking responsibly your body will certainly thank you for being so considerate! Just remember that good hydration will help sustain health and wellbeing during these challenging times when we need to be resilient.

Season’s greetings to all and please #staysafe.