If you are thinking of trying a new diet to lose weight or simply feel like taking a healthier lifestyle route for a change, why not look into the hot water diet that’s currently getting some rave reviews? As well as being pretty cost effective, this diet has some interesting health benefits that other diets seem to be rather lacking in by comparison.

Hot is better?

It is common knowledge that drinking up to 8 large glasses of water per day is a great way to rehydrate yourself. But did you know exactly why health conscious people all over the world are now adding warm or hot water to their daily consumption as well? There is an ancient science known as Ayurveda that has long since advocated drinking hot water as an integral part of the human diet, and it seems to be seeing something of a resurgence in recent times.

The science bit

Okay, the idea of downing a mug of hot water may seem a tad difficult to swallow, literally, so why should be even bother? Well, it has been proven that hot or warm water actually stimulates the peristalsis and the gastrointestinal tract in a positive way. This starts to raise your metabolism and also helps to flush out those harmful toxins that love to settle in our bodies overnight and through the day. Obviously water also hydrates our bodies and hot water can help us to feel less hungry as a little bonus.

The best way

Heating up your water can be done in a variety of ways, but using an
instant boiling water tap
is the most effective and quickest way in our opinion. Not only do you get your boiling water at the touch of a button you also save valuable energy! Allow the water to cool to around 50 degrees Celsius and take around ten minutes to drink the contents. If you can start the day off with a cup of hot water and take another about an hour before you eat your meals, you should see the benefits after a few weeks.

Lemon anyone?

Hot water on its own is great for the digestive system, but you may wish to play around with the flavour options a little. By adding some lemon or lime to the equation, you are not only making the whole concoction a little more pleasant to taste, you are also upping the nutritional value somewhat.  
Herbal teas
are another great option if you are looking to mix up flavours.

Other benefits

As if the fact that this cost effect activity can help you to lose weight wasn’t enough, here are a few extra reasons to come and join the hot water diet brigade:

  • Drinking hot water can ease those nasty cold symptoms
  • Heartburn sufferers have noticed that this diet reduces/relieves this condition
  • If you suffer from constipation, hot water can help to lessen these issues
  • The hot water diet has also been known to improve dry skin conditions
  • If you add lemon to your morning cup of hot water, it can boost your immune system thanks to the Vitamin C
  • Lemon and hot water can also freshen your morning breath in a positive way!

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drinking water and lemon
can be good for your health here.

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