When was the last time you looked at your breakfast habits and decided that maybe it is time for a change? You see, according to a recent report from the Harvard School of Public Health, porridge is the way to go. This traditional breakfast of champions has been doing the rounds for decades yet there are more health benefits attached to porridge than many of us care to recognise.

Healthy and delicious

The research was the result of over 14 years of studying the diets of more than 100,000 people and along with corn, quinoa, brown rice, porridge scored consistently high. These superfoods have proven their worth in the battle with heart disease and other life threatening illnesses. Professional athletes have long since known the wonderful benefits of porridge at breakfast time and experts have even suggested that sticking with an oat-based meal in the morning will also increase our life expectancy. According to Victoria Taylor a Senior Dietician from the British Heart Foundation, the typical porridge consumer will probably also live a better lifestyle thanks to their conscious choosing of this dish for their breakfast.

Why not change today?

By switching to porridge in the morning, you are also going to be making inroads to lowering your cholesterol level as well as looking after your heart. The great news is that instant porridge is just as tasty as the traditional style and you can make a delicious bowl in just a few seconds. Why not take advantage of these findings and use your
instant boiling water tap
to knock up a bowl of instant porridge!

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