Yes that’s right EAT! This week it’s National Vegetarian Week and linked to our passion for water, it’s all about choosing an alternative way of eating and looking at the health benefits of choosing more fruit, and certain vegetables such as cucumbers and tomatoes, in your diet. See how their high water content can really contribute to your daily water quota!

National Vegetarian Week was originally started 25 years ago and has grown from strength to strength. You don't have to say goodbye to meat forever to appreciate exactly how healthy this lifestyle really is.

We know that many of us simply do not take on enough fluids into our body and as a result we can suffer the side effects of dehydration. By eating more fruit and veg, it is possible to avoid these unpleasant symptoms altogether. Most fruit and veg are packed with healthy vitamins and nutrients so it’s a no brainer.

So when it comes to hydration drinking water is our main source at 50%. A further 30% comes from other beverages and a staggering 20% comes for foodstuffs!

Look at the humble watermelon. Readily available in most supermarkets, they contain a whopping 92% of water and this ever so refreshing fruit is just as tasty as it is good for you. Grapefruit and other melons are also water rich and can contain as much as 90% of the good stuff; as do strawberries. Even the tasty apple is your watery friend because they tend to contain around 80% water on any given day.

Back to veggies. Cucumbers and iceberg lettuce contain the highest amount because they're a remarkable 96% water. Sweet peppers are made up of 94% water and a stick of celery contains just 6 calories and is 95.4% water! Any variety of tomato is packed with water and all round tastiness at 94% as are courgettes; spinach and cauliflower are full of vitamins and phytonutrients and 92% water!

Water coolers and fountains make drinking more water even easier, with chilled, filtered and great tasting water on tap to quench thirst! Multi-use instant KettleTaps also dispense chilled water as well as boiling for making hot drinks.

National Vegetarian Week is a time when many of us reflect on what we are currently eating every day and it is a perfect time to start eating more water!