Hot Tips from our Head Hot Engineer,
Lee Pickup

Did you know that heating water above 40°C can result in lime scale attack around the elements and internal pipe work of your water boiler? As a result of this, the efficiency of your product is severely reduced resulting in higher running costs and even premature repair.

Scale can build up if you are in a hard or soft water area, so protecting your boiler or hot tap is vital. Most plumbers will be aware that scale arises as a consequence of rainwater absorbing minerals as it percolates through chalk and limestone. The only way to help reduce this is by means of preventative maintenance and protection. We recommend regular servicing and the fitting of a filter.

Below are selections of images taken of water boilers and
hot taps
where proper maintenance and a filter have not been installed:

And finally, a photo of a well maintained water boiler where a filter has been installed – can you see the difference?

Here at Water Boilers Direct, our specialist Hot engineers can provide you with the right advice and guidance on choosing the best filter to ensure scale reduction with your boiler or hot tap. Keeping lime scale build to a minimum and ensuring that your drinking water tastes perfect. For more details on our
filter kits
and how to look after your boiler please
contact us
on 0808 271 8135.