Brrr it's cold outside. So stay warm and enjoy a hot drink in this festive period. Treat yourself this Christmas to a KettleTap! You will be surprised at its many uses!

With the temperature set at boiling point for the perfect brew, a KettleTap makes fast and easy work of the tea round! No waiting for the kettle to boil, wasting water and constantly refilling it, so delivering a huge saving on the mains water bill. Just heat what you need and use for all your drinking needs, continuously; and it’s so fast which is why staff productivity is optimised, in the office and you have more time at home too.

Hot taps are great and have so many uses in the kitchen, as well making hot drinks, your team can tackle breakfast porridge pots and lunchtime instant snack pots, pastas, noodles or couscous, for example) in seconds! The big plus at this time of year is soaking all those nasty roasting tins, cooking pots and pans after Christmas dinner so you can get done in time for the Queen's speech !

By moving from the kettle to a KettleTap, look at the ROI. A home and business can save time, money and energy (the daily running costs are compelling; more on this later!) providing instant boiling water for the family and workforce.

So while the British weather is at its coldest, you can be assured your drinks are hot each and every time!