Were you aware that the 5
September is known as ‘Bring Your Manners to Work Day?” It may come as a surprise but wouldn’t it be great if we could be just a little more pleasant to each other in the workplace every day? Okay, we’ve probably all got a few seemingly more important things to be getting on with, like doing our jobs, but a little good manners can work wonders when it comes to getting through the busy day unscathed.

Tea or Coffee?

There are a myriad of articles on the net with a top ten list of ways to be nice to each other at work, and they all stress how important it is to offer to make each other a nice cup of tea or coffee. Although this should be second nature to most of us, it can be incredibly easy to forget about these niceties when our workload starts to spiral out of control. In the press recently, we saw the Royal Voluntary Service Charity Ambassadors, Stephen Fry and Felicity Kendal back the campaign to bring back the workplace tea round. This followed on from a survey carried out by the charity which indicated the demise of the tea round, which can help to form strong relationships amongst employee’s and improve overall concentration whilst at work. You can read more about how
tea breaks improve productivity
please click here.

Making it Easy

We’ve all had the ‘waiting for a kettle to boil’ scenario and they never seem to get any faster despite our best intentions. So why not look at installing some
instant hot water taps
in your workplace? These are so much better when it comes to saving time and providing filtered boiling water for that perfect cup of tea or coffee for your deserving colleagues, and they look stylish as well!

Have a Nice Day!

We do hope you manage to bring a smile and some nice manners into your workplace on Friday the 5
September, but you needn’t make this a once per year gesture. Why not turn over a new leaf and be the first one to ask if your workmates would like a lovely beverage instead of waiting to be asked. They’ll appreciate it and you will get a lovely warm feeling inside!