Protect Your Water Boiler the Right Way!

Our Hot Engineer Expert, Paul Morton, has been discussing how having a scale management plan in place can help increase the life of your hot water product and decrease the amount of scale build up. Here is his best practice advice and what he had to say:

“If you choose to not install a scale filter in your water boiler or hot tap you certainly increase the risk of your unit breaking down or not working at its optimum performance.

Descaling a tank without a scale filter can take more than an hour, and in some extreme cases even longer. By installing a scale filter the service is significantly reduced to just 30 minutes, thereby saving you down time and money.

See the before and after images from a boiler I recently worked on. As you can see this particular product did not have a filter in place, and as a result the scale build was quite severe. We descaled the unit and restored it to working order and now talking with the customer about having filters installed into their hot water solutions to prevent scale build up problems downstream.”


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