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  1. Sanitise your coolers and hot taps when returning to work

    Many businesses are preparing to return their teams to work in accordance with government guidelines. Retail, gyms, and health clubs are also preparing to re-open next week. Make sure the water in your coolers and dispensers is clean and safe to drink, as we return to the workplace. If your facility has been closed or had low occupancy, you will...
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  2. Gloucester Rugby Announces Sustainable Hydration Partnership for Refill

    Gloucester Rugby Announces Sustainable Hydration Partnership for Refill
    Gloucester Rugby is proud to partner with the WCD Group for hydration. In a bid to become more sustainable, a variety of environmentally friendly drinking water solutions that provide chilled and filtered water have been installed at Kingsholm Stadium for fans, staff and also the players to use. Based on Gloucester Business Park, the WCD Group has installed a number...
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  3. We Are Open As Usual

    We Are Open As Usual
     7 January 2021 Dear Valued Customer We’d like to take this opportunity to reassure you, our loyal customers, families, and colleagues, of the steps we’re taking to prevent the further spread of coronavirus, and that this doesn’t affect the level of supply and service that we provide as your hydration partner during this third lockdown. We remain open and fully...
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  4. How to avoid dehydration from alcohol

    How to avoid dehydration from alcohol
    How to stay hydrated in the holidays Perhaps this festive holiday more than ever we will be having a social drink at home in these tough unprecedented times and doing what the government is asking of us to minimise infection spread and risk. Having a home tipple is probably well deserved by many of us. By following some established hydration...
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  5. Instant boiling taps

    Treat your kitchen this Christmas It’s turning cold outside, so stay warm and enjoy a hot drink during this festive period made with total convenience and ease in the workplace, or at home. Treat yourself this Christmas to a boiling hot tap! You will be surprised at its many uses and the latest kitchen must-have In these tough times we...
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  6. Lockdown tips to boost your immune system naturally

    Lockdown tips to boost your immune system naturally
    As the second national lockdown starts, our thoughts turn to wellbeing and staying healthy by keeping our immune system functioning at its best to help fight winter germs and viruses. Here are 6 ways to build up your immunity naturally. Drink plenty of fluids; water is best. Exercise regularly. Stress less, as stress drains your ability to stay strong. Get...
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  7. Why EcoVadis sustainability assessments matter

    Why EcoVadis sustainability assessments matter
    Last month we were very proud to announce that we had achieved the Bronze Standard for sustainability performance by EcoVadis, ranking us within the top 50% of companies who had been asked to take part in these assessments. One of our major customers engaged with EcoVadis which resulted in the WCD Group being assessed and audited as a key component...
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  8. Is coffee healthy for you?

    Is coffee healthy for you?
    This week it’s UK Coffee Week so whether your preferred brew, even during these tough times, is a flat white, espresso or latte let’s see if Britain’s favourite café pastime is really healthy for you. Caffeine is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about coffee. But coffee also contains antioxidants and other active substances that may...
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  9. How to drink more water

    It’s #ThirstyThursday and here are some top tips to help you drink more water during the day, rather than rely on tea and coffee to keep you hydrated. It is only when a real thirst kicks in at the end of the afternoon, that you think about drinking more water to up your fluid intake (and then opt for a...
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  10. Is porridge healthy?

    Is porridge healthy?
    As it turns a little colder and we head towards the clocks going back at the end of the month, it’s nice to have a hot, rather than cold, breakfast at home, at your desk or on the go! We live in an instant world and none more so than the porridge market – just add boiling water, stir and...
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