Why a KettleTap

Not just at home but also at work - it's the latest kitchen must-have. The fastest, most efficient, safest way to get pure and great tasting, boiling water. Pure and great tasting; chilled, filtered and boiling water making it healthy and simply better tasting! A KettleTap dispenses boiling water at the touch of a button. Valuable waiting time is saved and smart features make it the safest way to make hot drinks.

Cost & energy savings

Save energy and water. Figures based on six 250ml cups of tea or coffee across six tea rounds!

  • Boiling water tap

    1 Litre 1p
  • Vs
  • Boiling a kettle

    1 Litre 2.5p per boil

Save time, why wait

Why wait for the kettle to boil, make fast work of the tea round

  • Average office with 12 people at 4 cups a day = 48 cups per day

  • 2 cups served per kettle boil therefore heating kettle 24 times a day

  • 3 mins per kettle time = 1 hour 12 minutes per day

  • 1 hr 12 mins x 230 working days a year = 276 hours waiting for kettle to boil

  • 276 hrs x average hourly wage (in 2015) £13.20 = £2643.30 (source: ONS)

Safety is Key

All our taps come with safety functions included, for added peace of mind.

  • Cool-to-the-touch

  • Minimal steam safe-guarding your environment and décor from condensation.

  • No visible electrical cables

  • Built in hot-water safety button great for where child-safety is of primary concern

Health & wellbeing

For all your hydration needs, instant boiling chilled and filtered water in one tap.

  • Filtered boiling water
  • Filtered chilled water
  • Instant hydration

Boiling water tap usage

  • Instant porridge
  • Preparing couscous
  • Making coffee
  • Boiling eggs
  • Boiling potatoes
  • Herbal tea
  • Preparing noodles
  • Making tea
  • Cooking pasta
  • Making filter coffee
  • Cooking vegetables
  • Hot chocolate