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  1. Tips to stay healthy with good hydration

    Tips to stay healthy with good hydration
    Staying healthy is on all our minds right now and while most of us are self-isolating and working from home, hydration has never been so important to our feeling good and wellbeing. Topping up your hydration is vital to the way in which your body operates. Many of us are guilty of forgetting to drink enough water, but if you’re...
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  2. When is National Tea Day?

    When is National Tea Day?
    Held on 21st April every year, National Tea Day is the official day in the UK to celebrate our love of tea. This year marks National Tea Day’s 5th anniversary. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic most celebrations we will be hosted as virtual tea parties! In Britain we drink 165 million cups of tea a day. That is enough to fill about 20 Olympic...
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  3. Why tea is healthy and refreshing

    Why tea is healthy and refreshing
    Working from home in these tough times we are drinking tea by the gallon and not just ‘builder’s’ but the whole range of herbal and fruit infusions that are so popular.  We love tea whether it's to kick-start the working from home day, take five in a breakout moment or as our afternoon cuppa. The quintessential office tea round represents...
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  4. How to stay regular in lockdown

    If our current stay-at-home and work-from-home lifestyle is leaving you feeling, well a little uncomfortable and bloated, you're certainly not alone. Bathroom habits are not something us Brits typically like to talk about but lockdown constipation exists for many. So why is this happening and how can we be healthier? Lack of movement is likely a major cause of constipation...
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  5. Top tips while you work from home

    Top tips while you work from home
    Thousands of people are now working from home perhaps for the first time in their working careers due to the coronavirus outbreak. For about 1.5 million, it's just like any other week. So in this challenging period of self-isolating and working remotely, here as some top tips on the best way to stay efficient and keep our spirits up while...
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