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  1. Easter Hydration

    Easter Hydration
    Remember to stay hydrated when nibbling on all that chocolate. A little bit of what you fancy does you good! See our infographic below with some handy hints on how to balance feel-good choccy treats with drinking water regularly throughout the weekend to feel even better and healthier. Carry your sports bottle with you and keep it topped up on...
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  2. Celebrating World Water Day

    Celebrating World Water Day
    Spring is coming! Feel healthier as the better weather and lighter nights approach. Make changes to your hydration! Here are some handy hints on how to #DrinkMoreWater
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  3. Will Manchester Be First Plastic Free City?

    Will Manchester Be First Plastic Free City?
    A plastic free city in the UK by 2020? Now that's a statement. Read more here at BBC News. Former footballer, and now hotel owner, Gary Neville is campaigning to make Greater Manchester the first UK city to be free of single use plastic bottles within the next two years. He said: "People have been horrified by how polluted our...
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  4. #PassOnPlastic

    It just shows how many 'eco' alternatives there are out there to replace plastic, and in all walks of life from teabags to Lego! Just this week a number of initiatives were announced to combat the rising tide of plastic waste and make our future environment safer. Here at the WCD Group our mantra is #SelfFill and #FillYourOwn. Install plumbed...
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