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  1. Halloween Hydration

    Halloween Hydration
    Happy Halloween (next Tuesday officially) but we expect many of you will be trick and treating this weekend! It's a time for chocolate, sticky sweets, toffee apples and social celebrations. Just remember to balance alcohol and ultra sugary drinks with a drop of the good stuff (water!) for good health and to avoid dehydration! Or try our spooky recipes in...
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  2. London's Clean Air Ads on the Tube

    London's Clean Air Ads on the Tube
    Today the Evening Standard reported on a brand new hard-hitting poster campaign highlighting the health risks posed by London's dangerous air pollution levels that is to go on display across the Tube network, starting next month. The posters feature high-impact images of everyday objects covered in black soot and will be displayed across the capital's train and London Underground stations...
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  3. We Drink 70 Millions a Day!

    We Drink 70 Millions a Day!
    Our love of coffee just keeps on growing! In the UK we drink 70 millions cups a day! According to recent research, a staggering three coffee shops open each day in the UK! The coffee shop industry pours a staggering £8.9 billion into the UK economy and it is forecast that the number of coffee shops will overtake pubs by...
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