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  1. Here's to a Great Bank Holiday

    Here's to a Great Bank Holiday
    We are looking forward to the long bank holiday weekend with BBQs and Beer Festivals happening up and down the land. Please do have a great time but remember to stay hydrated when enjoying your favourite real ale, fruity cider, or craft gin & tonic! The weather is looking not too bad and a bit warmer, so remember to drink...
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  2. Chart Topping Tea!

    Chart Topping Tea!
    And boy aren't we a nation of tea drinkers! Here at the WCD Group we drink tea by the gallon and not just ‘builder’s’ but the whole range of herbal and fruit infusions that are readily on offer in every supermarket. We love tea whether it's to kick-start the working day, take five in our breakout room or as our...
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  3. WCD Group Launches New Logistics and Planning App

    WCD Group Launches New Logistics and Planning App
    PR: The WCD Group, experts in the supply of hot and cold hydration products to homes and offices, has launched a brand new business division – This new powerful software app delivers four key features: route planning, resource optimisation, job scheduling and business management for enterprises with field-based personnel and vans. “Originally developed for our in-house use within the...
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  4. One Easy Step to a Happier Workforce!

    One Easy Step to a Happier Workforce!
    Staying healthy and alert in the workplace is key for maintaining morale amongst employees and achieving healthy productivity levels. Simply put if you are happy in your work, you will be more likely to turn up every day. But you will also be motivated to do a good job and every employer loves the idea of a contented workforce. So...
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  5. The Hottest Thing at Work, Right Now!

    The Hottest Thing at Work, Right Now!
    Unlike the weather, the hottest piece of kit in the breakout space at work is the instant boiling hot tap! Your business can't afford the time or hidden costs to continuously re-boil and refill the kettle and wait, wait, wait while making the tea round. One KettleTap does it all! Not only do these multi-function hot taps look good in...
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  6. Feeling Fruity?

    Feeling Fruity?
    Today it's feeling a little more like summer and hydration is key! So why not cheer up your water with some seasonal fruit, ice and mint! Here are some fruity ways to make your water taste better! And of course quench your thirst with pristine water, chilled and filtered from a bottled or plumbed in cooler, on tap.
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  7. Pop the KettleTap on!

    Pop the KettleTap on!
    As you head for the breakout room or kitchen in your workplace to make the afternoon cuppa for your colleagues, consider how handy an instant boiling KettleTap would be in making that tea round! Quickly at the touch of a button. On demand boiling water for all your favourite hot drinks. Why wait for the kettle to boil? Tea...
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