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  1. Beat the Jet Stream

    Beat the Jet Stream
    The jet stream may be tinkering with our weather system at the moment, and it can't quite make its mind up whether to be sunny or otherwise, but drinking more in warmer weather is vital. With the school holidays now in full flow Summer is well and truly here! Here are a few tasty ways to stay hydrated and increase...
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  2. Enjoy a Water Cooler Moment Today!

    Enjoy a Water Cooler Moment Today!
    Not only the best way to keep hydrated and feel better about work and life, the humble water cooler has, for many years, been the centre point for many discussions and creative brainstorms in business. Famous for those inspiring cooler chats, water coolers are at the heart of the office or reception space, and unite people in offices up and...
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  3. Water Works!

    Water Works!
    In this warmer weather keep your water bottle topped up and make sure you drink your daily '8' glasses a day for better hydration and health. Here are some handy hints and tips to help make drinking more water a pleasure not a chore!
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  4. Keeping Hydrated for Exercise

    Keeping Hydrated for Exercise
    Tennis, cycling, cricket, F1 racing; this certainly is the month for a wealth of sport to enjoy watching but also doing! Whether you are donning your bat, racket, bike, or visiting the gym more often, it is very important to ensure you stay hydrated while working out. Keeping hydrated is vital when working out. If you are not drinking enough...
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