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  1. Santa, All I Want for Christmas is a Hot Tap !

    Santa, All I Want for Christmas is a Hot Tap !
    Treat yourself to a steaming hot tap this Christmas. It gives you instant boiling water on tap, without waiting for the kettle to boil and re-boil. Make fast work of making coffee and tea for all your family and friends when they visit this holiday. And just as useful for the tea round for work colleagues in the office. Great...
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  2. Drink Water as well as Wine!

    Drink Water as well as Wine!
    'Tis the season to be jolly at home and at work, with family and friends. Remember the recommended limits and to stay healthy try drinking a glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage! Chilled and filtered water has never tasted so good - especially the day after the festive celebrations. Water coolers and multi-functional hot and cold taps deliver...
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  3. The Power of Porridge

    The Power of Porridge
    Instant porridge pots are available everywhere theses days; the well known oats brands and also the supermarket and high street cafe own brands. All deliver a tasty, great high performance start to the day, low carbs, slow energy release and low GI. Actually porridge is a fast and healthy snack when you are feeling peckish at any time of the...
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  4. Wellbeing at Work

    Wellbeing at Work
    Love your Employees. Treat your office or kitchen at home to an instant hot tap or KettleTap. Why wait for the kettle to boil and waste valuable time, money and energy? It's all about boiling hot water on tap! In this colder weather start the day with an instant porridge pot and at lunchtime swap a cold sandwich or salad...
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